Sunday, February 28, 2010

Existence Of Dichotomies

These creative work displays a lonely, innocent girl in nature, accompanied by friendly animals, and her eyes reaches out of the canvas, grabbing the attention of every viewer. What is the message behind the painting? Who is the girl? Kendra Binney, the artist of these fascinating artwork stated, "I find an endearing absurdity to the world around me. The dichotomy of cruelty and beauty, sorrow and joy, memory and decay, the significance of brief fleeting moments and my inability to hold onto them. My paintings are an attempt to catch what can't be caught and express what I can't articulate."

With work displayed and sold globally, Kendra Binney spends her days alone in her small studio in Portland, Oregon. Kendra would incorporate found objects or personal artifacts in her work. The color scheme reflect the green and water of Portland, and the watery lines are the rain drenched windows of her studio. Visit her website to view additional work..