Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cheerless And Melancholic

As stated in the past, black and white art is very powerful, forcing the viewer to concentrate on the subject and the message rather than being distracted by the beauty of colors. These illustrations caught my eye through contrast, a sense of dread in each subject, and the dysfunctional physical and mental statements created by the artist. Bayo, aka Eduardo Flores is from Mexico City who moved to Austin, Texas four years ago. He dreamed to become a fine artist but was forced to study graphic design. Bayo is currently working in the advertising field, but he continues to pursue his passion in painting and illustration during is personal time.

Here is Bayo's statement about his work of art, "My work depicts mostly cheerless and melancholic worlds where the main character is in the center of mental conflicts, sometimes euphoric, sometimes psychotic. My characters tend to avoid frontal sight, denying the exposition of their own fragility and looking for words with their eyes turned back into the darkness of the mind, as they express different emotions and pursuing the cause of their deepest anxiety."