Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raw And Gritty

It started with a friend who organizes concerts for bands and concurrently owns a tattoo shop. His friend had an idea and requested for Fab5, aka Fabrice, to shoot photos of his customers and band members. Upon accepting the request, Fab5 quickly set up some static lighting on a simple red velvet backdrop and began shooting. He quoted, "It reminded me of a David Lynch movie."

He would work alone, without an assistant nor a make-up artist. Before the shoot, he would instruct the models to visually tell a story through photography. The rest is history.

Fab5 is from Belgium who studied publicity and discovered photography at the same time. His passion for human interaction is the reason why he loves to shoot portraiture, and he finds inspirations from film, graffiti, and within his daily lifestyles. This series of work is titled, "Backstage." Fab5 is currently freelancing and is available for commercial work.