Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Great visuals from concept and character designer, Michael Kutsche who is one of three artists hired to work with "Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland." Michael's been drawing since four years old without any formal training in illustration. Creativity runs in the family and with an early exposure to computers, Michael finds a natural transition from traditional illustration to digital art.

His career path started at a small 3D studio at 18. Upon years of experiences, Michael gradually had the opportunity to learn the multitude workings of the industry from modeling, rigging, animation and lighting.

One day, Michael decided to post his work online and to his amazement, received plenty of exposure with only one email that changed Michael's life, an email from Sony Pictures Imageworks requesting for him to draw a Caterpillar in the style of Pan's Labyrinth. It was when Michael received the job before he found out it was for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. According to Michael, timing was a major factor, working with a very tight schedule and continuous designing during the filming of the movie.

Although some of the images seen here have been modified for a less darker style to appeal to the general audience. Honestly, I prefer these images than the final outcome. Michael Kutsche's work is detailed, and amazing. His character designs are consistent and truly fits in the world he created. And finally, I can not image painting these images digitally by the usage of a Wacom...now that is talent!

Michael Kutsche is from Germany, but now lives in Venice Beach, California with his wife. He is currently working for Marvel as a character designer for the movie, "Thor." Great vision Michael Kutsche!