Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Captured In Time

Photographs are the main inspiration for Gregor Gaida who sculpted these mind-blowing, storytelling, work of art. He stated, "The focus of my interest lies on composition and the protaganists' pose in the images as well as on the openness in interpreting their actions. A special meaning lies in the gesture that indicates cultural, social or political discrepancies."

In a few of his work, he crops his subject matter in reference to photographer's or painter's choice of framing their piece of work, acceptable to the general audience. While applying this crop to a three-dimensional work is disconcerting, yet it reminds the viewing they are witnessing a portion of the scene and forcing them to visually complete the story. This is usually the case with most of his work. A subject frozen and captured in time, offering the viewing to decipher the situation.

Gregor Gaida has a background in photography and painting, who sculpts in combination of wood, aluminum, polyester and acrylic resin.