Friday, April 30, 2010

Unspoken Stories

These outstanding photomontage are beautiful in every sense, illustrating a visual story and leading the viewer through a journey. Tom Chambers stated, "These mythical illustrations might address the fragility of childhood or the delicate transition experienced by a child passing into adolescence and then adulthood." He continues, "With digital photography I desire to move beyond documentation of the present, and rather seek to fuse reality and fantasy in musing about possibilities of the future."

Tom Chambers uses a Nikon digital camera D700 or a medium format film camera (Mamiya Pro TL or Fuji Rangefinder). He generally begins with a sketched concept, then carefully photograph each pieces. The photomontage is created in Photoshop and printed on archival pigment ink on cotton rag paper.

Tom graduated with a BFA from Ringling School of Art in 1985. His work is exhibited globally and is represented by seven galleries. With strong work of art, Tom has won numerous awards, PhotoSpiva, Exposure: An Open Photography Competition, Obscura Journal, International Aperature Awards, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Fotoweek DC Awards, and more.