Monday, August 23, 2010

Intimate Association

With a keen eye in perception, Heiko Waechter captured the moment from his creative vision to present to you, his beautiful photography. Whether it is abstract patterns or focused subjects, Heiko paints the canvas from natural lights and saturated colors. Heiko stated, "subjects often appear isolated from their surrounds, which allows their intrinsic beauty to shine through."

Monzuki admires artists who takes control over their creativity to allow the freedom of true art without the tamper of clients. Heiko Waechter is such example, working full-time as an interactive designer but uses photography to explore his creativity without any boundaries. He quoted, "It's the perfect creative outline away from work, there are no clients, deadlines or commercial pressures."

Heiko Waechter uses a Nikon D300 with various fast prime lenses. He finance his photography by selling limited edition prints through his website, as well as exhibiting his work at galleries in Melbourne. Check out his amazing collection of work on his website, designed by Heiko.