Monday, April 18, 2011

Fused Without Boundaries

A wonderful delight, humorous and fun, and definitely creative. NoseGo stated that he is inspired by mood, music, people, animals, monsters, and whatever pop in his head.

NoseGo, a.k.a. Yisrawayl Goodwin, who graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, studying film and digital video. "Nose" came from his early graffiti days, and "Go" was added from his first two letters of his last name. He states, "NoseGo sounds energetic to me, which represents my work." He continues, "I've always been interested in illustration, but media arts was a natural inspiration seeing what could be created when fused." NoseGo is a full-time artist who drives his creativity beyond paintings and illustrations by expanding his vision to 3D, digital, design, murals & installations and more. Check out his website for additional work and his latest gallery shows.