Sunday, July 25, 2010

Complicated Narrative

Conceptual photographer, Marisa Howenstine created these imaginative, illustrative images, presented with detailed visuals that narrates a short story. Marisa is influenced by Mark Ryden and Ray Caesar, as well as poetry of Anne Sexton, Pablo Neruda and Sylvia Plath. Although Marisa states she 'research and collect extensive tears from relevant artists,' her process in creating a surreal world is entirely unique and merely her own vision.

Marisa is known to cover all aspect of her photography by producing, lighting, designing and finding props, scouting locations, wardrobe, and hiring crew and talents. With a background in graphic design and an English degree, Marisa utilizes her multi-talents to further and express her vision as a professional photographer.

Marisa Howenstine is based in Los Angeles and specializes in advertising and editorial photography.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 6x6 Project

I recently came across the 6x6 Project and was compelled to witness the gallery in person. Each month, anyone with a creative vision has the opportunity to submit their original artwork on a provided 6x6 inch square canvas. They would ship or drop off the artwork at the gallery, set their own price, and the gallery would guarantee of one month exhibition. Once the artwork is sold, the artist gets 80%. This notion is simple and without hassle.

I had the pleasure to speak with Lucy Huffman, Gallery Manager of the Charmingwall Inc. in West Village of New York City. She gave me a brief history of the gallery as well as conception of the 6x6 Project. She stated, "Charmingwall Gallery started back in 2007 when some art lovers got together to start representing artists by scanning or photographing their work and then making reproduction and selling them at an affordable price and giving each artist a portion of the profit. We were often putting together shows with some of the artist from Charmingwall, and occasionally we would have "The Tiny Art Show" which allowed us to show a lot of work in our small gallery. We loved the show and we were inspired to continue the format and invite more artists to participate. And so, The 6x6 Project."

Upon my visit, I must admit the gallery definitely has a Charming atmosphere with a great location. They made use of their gallery space by displaying plenty of artwork, representing different artists with a variety of styles at an affordable prices.

For additional information about submission and/or buying any of these wonderful artwork, visit their FAQ page. Lastly, Monzuki would like to thank Lucy Huffman for the information and the coverage of the gallery.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Captured In Time

Photographs are the main inspiration for Gregor Gaida who sculpted these mind-blowing, storytelling, work of art. He stated, "The focus of my interest lies on composition and the protaganists' pose in the images as well as on the openness in interpreting their actions. A special meaning lies in the gesture that indicates cultural, social or political discrepancies."

In a few of his work, he crops his subject matter in reference to photographer's or painter's choice of framing their piece of work, acceptable to the general audience. While applying this crop to a three-dimensional work is disconcerting, yet it reminds the viewing they are witnessing a portion of the scene and forcing them to visually complete the story. This is usually the case with most of his work. A subject frozen and captured in time, offering the viewing to decipher the situation.

Gregor Gaida has a background in photography and painting, who sculpts in combination of wood, aluminum, polyester and acrylic resin.