Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Orange

Based in San Francisco, California, Alex Varanese grew up with an interest in video games which naturally lead him to study graphic design and software engineering. In the beginning of his career, he concentrated in programming but until recently, returning to his passion in design.

His style is distinct with usage of 3D modeling, vector elements, and Photoshop design combined and layered with typography, and of course, his signature and favorite color palette of red-orange but claims to apply much "retro" yellowing to his work turning his treatment to more of an orange hue. He quoted, "95% of my work starts with an object, scene or abstract design of some kind." With such hard work, his talent has gain noticed, leading him to work with Chevy, Drambuie, Nike, Fortune, and Surface Magazine.

Known for his strong branding, Alex Varanese is open to flexibility and diversity by stating, "I don't expect my client work to necessarily conform to the style of my personal work, however, it's fine if they want to go in a different direction." Alex Varanese continues to work on larger projects as well as motion-based work with a focus on narrative and storytelling, but expect his first publication near the end of this year.