Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Alchemy Of Engagement

The photograph series of cityscapes are beautiful and tranquil. A reminiscent of a rainy day in the city with monstrous buildings filled with lights of life. Marc Yankus was originally trained as a painter who migrated to collages for over 20 years. He would include his own photographs which lead him to his current work in photography and digitally layering textures with Photoshop. Marc stated, "I am drawn to the frankly romantic, even mystic, dimension of great cities – which are places of struggle and growth, but also of wonderment and ever-unfolding engagement. They are places were it is all too easy to get lost, but where it is also possible to find oneself – and, in that process, develop a lifelong love of city life and its denizens."

His series of work include cityscapes, portraits, landscapes, and the lake which is seen on book covers, and posters. His work has been displayed at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Brooklyn Museum in New York, and The Department of Prints and Photographs of The Library of Congress which has acquired his work for their permanent collection.