Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Epitaph Of The World

I discovered Michael Page during a visit to 1988 Gallery in Los Angeles. His work is surreal with vibrant colors, yet some of his pieces are monochromatic. Some may view his art as dark fantasy and some find humor. The subject usually features a fight between beasts and mankind. Michael finds inspirations from everywhere and everything in his life. According to Michael, "I generally try to show what is going on in my life and the life around me. I'm trying to show the world as it currently is."

His process usually starts with an idea from his studies and drawings. He would transfer an idea on canvas with pre-selected colors. He said, "I usually lay down my first layer with acrylic and build up my light source, and once I have the form and color, I use oil to bring out the detail. I do that over and over again until the painting works for me."

Michael has many upcoming exhibits from group shows in Los Angeles to art fair in Italy this month. He is currently working hard for a solo show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica in March 2010. Contact him through his website for detailed info, or check his event page.