Saturday, October 10, 2009

Calculated Chaos And Randomness

I was in awe to see these beautiful abstract paintings. Upon taking a second closer look, I quickly realize these paintings are digital art. Patrick Gunderson is a designer, programmer and an artist located in Los Angeles, specializing in digital interactive medium. He states that he uses both sides of his brain, creating complex projects with aesthetics and technical elements.

To achieve this creative art, he uses a multiple process in order to get the final result. In short, Patrick used AIR application which he wrote specifically in creating these images. He would begin with a color map which he manipulates into unrecognizable shapes of color and form. The render consist of using a particle system where it would create a colored ribbons to match the color map of the pixel location, then moving the emitter along an epicyclic path. The render takes about a few hours to over 36 hours to render. He states, "there is quite a bit of chaos and randomness in the detail of my work, the overall composition is tightly controlled."