Wednesday, May 6, 2009

$ay Chee$e!

Have you heard of Lionel Deluy?  Either way, you've seen his work. Lionel Deluy is from south of france, who is a fashion, celebrity, and music photographer.  Lionel's road to success was not easy; working many odd jobs; held at gunpoint, then kidnapped; and selling all of his cameras to pay rent except for one, his Pentax.  With his love for photography along with his persistence, he found his break when Luis Barajas, founder of Flaunt Magazine, offered Lionel the opportunity to photograph a celebrity for a one page story.  The rest is history.  He currently photographs for numerous magazines, as well as, albums, fashion, and campaigns.

Michelle Rodriguez
Colin Hanks
Nelly Furtado
Peter Krause

Paris Hilton