Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Story Waiting To Unfold

When you are engulfed in a movie, it is easy to forget the vast amount of work invested in the detail of every aspect.  Sometimes, when the script calls for a location which is expensive to replicate, matte painting is one solution which creates these environment to complete the storytelling process.  Sven Sauer, a matte painter, who basically created these imaginative scenes, a world which takes the viewer to a time and place. 

There is something ominous about these images which compels me to the story.  Take notice of the depth, the lighting, the mood, and the detail which makes these images look cinematic and realistic. Without watching the movie, you know every scene is a story waiting to unfold. Sven Sauer is located in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Check his website for more of his art.