Saturday, May 2, 2009

Product Design By Rapid Prototyping

Johanna Spath and Johannes Tsopanides are both award winning Product Designers who specializes in Rapid Prototyping..  This method requires a computer-aided design or modeling software, translate the files, and uses a machine to produce a physical prototype from a designated material by layering until the form is complete.

In their recent work, they used a programming language to create a digital form as texture.  The Exorbit, is an non-traditional ventilator which is inspired by the structure of the wings of a butterfly.  The Cloudspeaker uses the amplitude and frequency information of a particularpiece of music to create the design.  The Soundplotter is an experimental design through sound input.  "No matter if you want to scream, sing or simply leave a quiet note...translate sounds into a 3D object."

Their work is not random, but calculated, which gives each piece their own unique personlized design.  Johanna and Johannes continues to push the technology by experiemental design to reach new heights.  Please view their full collection of work on their webpage for an elaborate description of their concept.