Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Personal Observations Of Dan May

When viewing Dan May's painting, it makes me wonder what goes through his mind when he is capturing a brief moment of his amazing world. The vivid environment, the choice of his color scheme, and the characters he create is beautiful and playful. According to Dan, his concept start from sketching on scrap paper until he settles on an idea.  He begins to prepare his art by choosing his color palette and begin painting his atmospheric background.  When he is satisfied with his environment, he adds his characters and their surroundings. Letting his creativity take control, the final product would look different than the beginning phase of his sketches.

Dan's influence is his thoughts and observations of the bigger picture of the existence which goes beyond our perception yet to be discovered.  Only Dan could bring you the realism of an unexplored world that is fun and playful.  It is no wonder that his work is seen on many publications and galleries worldwide.  You could view and purchase his work through his website or get them as Gelaskins.