Friday, July 3, 2009

Momentary And Surreal

Tessar Lo was born in Indonesia with very few memories of his birthplace before relocated to Canada. He graduated from Sheridan College, and is influence by Batik, Chinese painting and Japanese Ukiyo-e prints. Critics say, Tessar paints with an Asian influence, but according to Tessar, he just paints without any Eastern or Western style in mind. His painting has a surreal, dream-like quality with elements of nature, animals, and young people. Although Tessar is against labeling his work in any category, I will let you be the judge.

Tessar made a statement on Erratic Phenomena which sums it up his thoughts, "I look at my work as a relationship I have with myself - I think the only true way to understand others well is to know yourself first - and in an attempt to keep things interesting, I am never going to have a fulfilled love with my work." Click on the link to read the full quote. Tessar is currently located in Los Angeles, California, and he got his big break from online exposure.