Saturday, July 25, 2009

Visual Audio From Donanubis

The complexity of the design is eye-catching. The mixture of 3D modeling, photography, and digital editing has a chaotic multi-layering effect, yet organized. If you look carefully, you could see the text uses a grid layout in conjunction with the amazing imagery. There is careful structure and planning rather than random placement.

Lemoigne Laurent and his partner started a company in Geneva, Switzerland called, Daeldalus Sarl, designing for print, web, motion graphics, and sound design. He states that music is an important integration to his life. Upon years of traveling to Asia, he developed a passion in the alternative and electronic music which influenced his artwork, producing and designing images for the underground and electronic culture.

He statement to Monzuki, "I'm really into transmitting motions and going forward with intuition into my composition, taking more stock and creating elements on the way. Generally, I know when to stop and validate the final visual, but not knowing how long it will take." Lemoigne keeps himself busy producing graphic design for a luxury hotel in Switzerland, as well as a music label company.