Friday, July 31, 2009

Ciudad De México A Portland

Alberto Cerriteño is an amazing illustrator who loves to draw which gives him an major advantage as a graphic designer, yet both skills complements each other. His style is very distinct and unique using rich colors and textures in his work. He keeps a collection of sketches and textures nearby as he designs and his art supplies when he need to create elements for his projects. I like his work cause it is consistent, creative, and beautiful.

He graduated from Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Campus Lomas Verdes with a degree in graphic design. As a native of Mexico City, he is naturally influenced by the culture. Although his style is not a direct translation, you can see cultural traces by the usage of traditional textures and floral patterns.

In 2005, Alberto decided to move to Portland, Oregon in order to provide a family-friendly environment for his family. For Alberto, family is priority but it is inevitable that work will find him. Besides being a father, he is busy with designing for print, web and animation, as well as developing his character design by drawing. Alberto is currently freelancing as a designer and a director, as well as promoting his beautiful illustration.