Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planet Playground

The beauty of exploring the world of Damon Soule, a place with a hint of abstract and M.C. Escher. These paintings are hypnotic, where I could lose myself in a place with beautiful colors and organic shapes. I asked him about his process, he replied, "My process, it really depends on how I feel like working. Sometimes, I like to just wing it and let things happen spontaneously, and other times I plan things out fairly methodically. It really depends on my mood and what my intention for the piece is. Most times I'm inspired by whatever book I happen to be reading."

Damon studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and later became the Art Director and co-founder of FIT skateboards and clothing, but he sold it to pursue his passion in art.

Damon currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His up-coming exhibition, Thinkspace Art Gallery in Los Angeles, February 2010, Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, July 2010, and Fecal Face Gallery in San Francisco, May 2010. Please check the website for updates.