Friday, September 4, 2009

Unfolding Drama

A cut above vintage books, Thomas Allen created these unique and dramatic sequences of storytelling by using existing vintage book covers and partially cut them to create an interesting photographs of dioramas.  Thomas was studying Criminal Justice at Wayne State University until he decided to take some art classes, a decision which changed his life. He graduated from WSU with a BFA and continued with MFA from University of Minnesota.

His up-coming exhibition titled, "EPILOGUE" at Foley Gallery in New York, beginning with open reception on September 10th 6-8pm and will run till October 10. His statement, "EPILOGUE – is an exhibition about 'endings' and the perfect way to end my work with altered paperbacks – a phenomenon that began, by accident, 10 years ago. The 15 scenarios run the gamut – the end of trust, the end of the chase, the end of an ordeal, the end of a show, the end of life, the end of innocence, the end of hope and the end of the line. They're all dark - literally and figuratively."