Friday, September 11, 2009

Fallacies Of Man

Award winner, Kris Kuksi's art has been featured in many galleries and museums including the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.  He sold one of his largest piece, "Imminent Utopia" for $100k to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike.  When I saw his art at an opening reception, Monsters?and Tin at Copro Gallery.  I stood there in awe, studying closely at all the intricate detail and the laborious work, each part of the sculpture is a part of a story.  Thoughts roamed my mind, as I ask myself the meaning of the piece.  In my opinion, it touches upon political, religious, ethical, and morality.  

His partial statement, "In personal reflection, I feel that in the world today much of mankind is often times a frivolous and fragile being driven primarily by greed and materialism.  I hope that my art exposes the fallacies of Man, unveiling a new level a awareness to the viewer."  His full statement is posted on his website.

His up-coming exhibition, "Beast Anthology" will be at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, November 21 to December 19, and a solo exhibition at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco in March 2010.