Thursday, January 21, 2010

Darker Side Of Life

These photographs are as real as it gets. It is difficult to view the entire photos from his website because of the strong statement of visual violence, but his documentation strikes an emotional reaction as Boogie captured the darker side of human existence.

Growing up in Belgrade, Boogie was familiar with violence and poverty. Upon receiving a camera from his father, he has been using photography as a medium to record the negative side of life. After winning a United States green card lottery, he has been living in New York since 1998, documenting on the inner city life by spending 3 years in the public housing project, hanging out with gang members and drug addicts.

On the lighter side, Boogie is currently married and have a daughter. He started shooting in color and have been focusing on architecture, nature and still life. He has a solo show in Paris, November 2010.

"Great images are everywhere, you just need to see them." – Boogie