Monday, January 11, 2010

Mechanical Antique Portrait

The level of detail puts me in a state of awe. You could spend hours looking and studying these pieces of art, as well as imaging what goes through the artist mind during his process of creation. Having to learn a 3D software to enhance his daily professional career as an environmental graphic designer, Kazuhiko Nakamura used his personal free time to expand on his creativity and self-expression with this electronic medium. He grew up exploring with watercolor, collage and sculpting, as Kazuhiko gives credit to his past experiences in creativity to the art he creates today. By no surprise, he is inspired by surrealism paintings and steampunk art. He begins his process by sketching with a felt pen without any notion, letting his creativity flow until he develops some interesting shapes and characters. He then continues to spend a great deal of time modeling mechanical parts and putting pieces together like a puzzle to create his composition. Finishing one of his piece of art could take several months.

Kazuhiko Nakamura is located in Kanagawa, Japan. He uses Shade to model his art and finalize with Photoshop.