Thursday, January 7, 2010

Different Perspective

We view art to explore and question the aesthetics and their meaning. This is a great example to study. Levi Van Veluw crafted these interesting series of self-portraits by using his face as a canvas, then photographed himself. It began as an experiment with different mediums which developed into a concept. Levi quoted, "The expressionless, and almost universal face, allows the viewer to project himself onto the work." Although this series is not about self-portrait but the study of materials, colors and textures, using his body as an object for his self expression and to invoke thought and reaction from the viewers.

Levi Van Veluw graduated cum laude from the ArtEZ' Art School in Arnhem, Netherlands. His artwork has been displayed internationally, and he is the winner of the Photographer of the Year Award from the International Photography Awards.