Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calculated Art Of Beauty

Organic yet digital. These images are compelling by the stylized form and structure as the artist break the boundaries of nature and man-made art. Gustavo López Mañas, a photographer and a visual artist started with the series of "Experiment" by photographing his girlfriend as she modeled, then sketched on the original photo before scanning it, and lastly, using Photoshop to create the final product.

"Destructures" was created for a Hairdresser group called X-Presion. Gustavo quoted, "They wanted to do something special with the skin of the models because they were wearing very special haircuts." And "Rockmantick" is the next level to "Experiment" as he incorporated the same techniques as Gustavo gave the subject an environment to complete the visual narrative.

Gustavo López Mañas is an award winning photographer from Barcelona, Spain. He has the natural talent to draw at a young age and later attended the School of Arts and Faculty of Fine Arts majoring in Photography. Check his website for additional work, as he covers the subject from personal work, music related photography, fashion, movies and advertising.