Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spiritual Journey

Previewing Ewelina Ferruso's Everlasting Gobstopper at Crazy 4 Cult 3D made me curious about the ideology behind her additional work. Much of the iconic imagery relates to youth by innocence, exploratory, and fear. The little girl is a self portrait, and the giraffe is a giant toy she had as a child. Ewelina's work is journalistic, capturing her inner spiritual growth as it evolves.

Her work is captivating, and hypnotic in a surreal sense. The beauty of her work must be seen in person in order to receive the true effect. The relief of the textures and the polka-dots on her painting gives dimension to her work. Ewelina Ferruso graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design. She is currently busy working on her next exhibition at Last Rites Gallery in New York in April 2010.