Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sequential Montage

Reminisce of David Hockney's photo montage, Chris Arslain question the ease and abundance of digital photography which pushed him to evolve his process in this series of work, "Time Span."

Perfectly stated by Chris Arslain, "Using a series of images of a singular event to create a single image, to me, adds a new dimension of life to what would be normal "street photo". Now we know what happened before or after, or what was just outside the normal frame. In some instances I distort the order of exposures to even create a new reality. Time differences between my first and last exposure for a photo ranges from seconds to hours and I include this information so the viewer can have a closer relation to the event and piece together my process as I saw it in the field. The exposures are pieced together either in camera from overlapping the negative, or later using the computer. Print sizes range from 25 inches to over 7 feet in length depending on the image."