Thursday, December 17, 2009

Horror Punks

An Art Director in Chicago, Illinois, Charlie Owens uses mixed media to create these raw and distressed work of art. Merging his talent in illustration and design, his work strikes a statement with typography, stylized female figure, and pop culture references. Charlie is influenced by gritty surface textures and street torn advertisements, as well as his passion in skateboarding, metal and punk rock music from his youth, and horror movies.

Charlie Owens quoted, "I have a huge attraction to raw unrefined abstract art but at the same time the clean lines of typography and clean lined illustration really appeal to me. I try to combine these two styles into something I can call my own, to try and create a very iconic visual." He also states, "As for my usual stylized female figures... I'm not really trying to create any sort of pin-up style, or even trying to capture the female form accurate at all times... it's more important for me to get an attitude, a mood... or just simply a strong bold visual that captures the viewers attention."

His work has been featured in exhibition and galleries across the United States, as well as other medias in print and TV. Check out Charlie's website featuring additional work, as well as prints for sale.