Friday, June 12, 2009

Disarming Dreams

Computer Arts Magazine calls it "vibrant, sweet and enchanting." Catalina Estrada has a combination of traditional folk art and contemporary Asian influences with a contemporary pop culture edge. Her work is colorful, filled with pattern, flowers, and flourishes, applied with precision.  She finds her inspiration from her travels, where she absorbs her experiences and her findings to her observations for her work.  I could only imagine how much time and effort Catalina has invested in each piece of illustration, as it may seem very laborious to fill her canvas with so much details with great usage of colors.

Catalina's love for color and emotional images is the driving force to her work.  She is trained as a graphic designer, and her work can be seen on merchandise, apparel, textiles, sporting goods, magazines, book publishing, posters, packaging, greeting cards, wrapping pappers, and more.  She is located in Barcelona, Spain.