Monday, June 15, 2009

A Farm Life

As a kid, Chris Sickels would take things apart and put them back together to create toys. Upon graduating college, he worked as a freelance illustrator but slowly discover his interest in puppetry, namely 3D illustration. He would create the characters and their environments, then photograph his work. The heads of the puppets are sculpted with Sculpey, and the bodies are wire armatures covered with foam. The fabric of the clothing are sewn right on the puppets.

His character design is original, and I like his color exploration in every piece of his scenes. It is refreshing to see art that is built and photographed. I respect Chris for his multi-talent in sketching, painting, modeling, sculpting, building, lighting, photographing, and finally, stop-motion animation.

Operating under Red Nose Studio and represented by Magnet Reps, his work has appeared in advertisements, magazines, newspapers, publications, and short films.