Friday, June 5, 2009


With the knowledge of art and antiguities, and a passion in classical art, Cynthia Altoriso has a vast collection of her favorite artists which inspires her as a fashion stylist.  As a historian, she is known to add references to portraits which is not apparent by most, but adds a deeper concepts to her work.  Besides styling, she is an art director, collaborating with photographers, designing the set, casting talent, choosing props, etc.

The fashion photographer is Adrian Buckmaster, who started photography at age nine, developing his first roll of film in the closet cupboard.  His work is known for his studio art as well as the nightlife he captures which tends to be textured and deep with complexity in his models.

Edward Gorey was the inspirational motive in the top three photos with clothes designed by Maggie Norris.  The bottom post display a coat designed by Olga Sharf.  Followed by the next two photographs with clothes designed by Ric Owens.  The last two posts are clothes designed by Nico & Adrian of Harlem.