Sunday, June 7, 2009

Robot Nation

I have always been a fan of Robots. It reminds me when I was young, taking an empty can and make it fly to destroy all evil aliens with my imagination. When I first saw Brian Despain's art, it took me back in time. Although, his robots are probably not from the same universe as mine but merely a friendly, spiritual, and whimsical machines. Each of his paintings usually feature one robot, portraying their personality in a life awaking experience and often humorous.

Pushing the depth of the values of light and shading, I admire the contrast in which Brian uses this technique to create a dramatic effect. The color hue he chooses for his painting is general in a warm earth tone. Symbolically, Brian repeatedly uses iconic references of birds, feathers, and fishes in some of his work.

Brian Despain is inspired by Phil Hale, and Jon Foster, both are talented illustrators. If you are aware of their work, you would notice some of the influence in Brian's work. Go to Brian's website to view additional work. He is represented by Roq La Rue Gallery, and you could purchase his work as GelaSkins.