Monday, June 29, 2009

Earth To Mars-1

Graffiti artists are very talented, and they have the skills to create beautiful art. What they choose to do with their skills are entirely up to them. Mars-1, aka Mario Martinez began as a graffiti artist at age 13. He graduated from Academy of Art in San Francisco where he currently resides. His work consist of surreal landscapes, geometric shames, swirls of forms, and however you interpret his paintings. He quoted, "My style stems from a living dream. My imagination conjures an alien landscape that exist somewhere in the space of my mind."

I am a proud owner of Mars-1 illustration. The level of detail and the amount of content amazes me. Observe from afar or up close, and lets your eyes wander as it changes perspective. The time invested in each piece is astonishing. The experience is transcendent. My conclusion...I want another.