Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grand In Isolation

The beauty of the lines and curves. Kim Holtermand definitely has an eye for beauty, capturing the grand scale of architecture and nature. He frames the dominate structures with the power of perspective, and selectively shoots the photograph with dramatic composition. It may seen that he enjoys to find ominous, unpopulated areas, yet there is a sense of non-chaotic, isolated, calmness in his work.

Kim began his career as a graphic designer who became a professional photographer, but he credits his creativity with his trained skill which he learn from being a designer. He is known to use water reflection or a mirror effect in his work along with the usage of existing lighting.

Kim Holtermand is a freelance photographer located in Denmark. He is currently exhibiting at DASK Gallery which will run until July 1st. His photography is available as a numbered, limited edition, and autographed through DASK.