Monday, November 30, 2009

Symmetrical Statement

In our developmental stage, we are all taught to recognize shapes and colors. In this series of work, Jonny Wan used these shapes and colors to form a world of fascinating illustration and character design. These graphical illustrations are eye-catching, leaving the viewers with their own interpretation with the message. Based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, Jonny Wan studied illustration and graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2008. He took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for our curious minds.

Monzuki > What does your style convey to your audience?
Jonny Wan > I wanted the audience to ponder when they see my work. I like it when it is something that they haven't come across, reassuring me that I'm creating a style that is personal for me. As for interpretations, I will let the audience decide for themselves, and I would not want my work to have a singular voice. All my work is open to individual thoughts and criticism.

Monzuki > How did you develop your style?
Jonny Wan > My style comes from my love of shapes and symmetry. A combination of these elements fueled with my love for facial expressions as it allows me to develop my own style, as well as experimentation with different aspects of design also, e.g., patterns, colour, etc.

Monzuki > Because of the screen resolution on the computer screen, could you explain your medium? Is it a collage or digital?
Jonny Wan > All my sketches are scanned into the computer and made into vector shapes. I usually export the illustrations into Photoshop to play around with the contrast and brightness.

Monzuki > What is your process?
Jonny Wan > All my work starts as a drawings. The computer is merely another way of mark making. I never go into a new illustration without having the fundamentals and research in my sketchbook.

Monzuki > What projects are you currently working on? Are they mostly design or illustration projects?
Jonny Wan > Right now, it is mostly editorial illustration. I want to see how far I could take this style, and how far I could branch out.

Monzuki > What are your career goals?
Jonny Wan > My goal is to keep producing good work and letting the work speak for itself. I feel blessed to be working in an industry that I am truly addicted to. In some ways, I have achieved the key goal in my life. Now it is up to me to see how far I could take my work, and how many areas of design I could branch into.

We would like to thank Jonny Wan for his time. You could view additional work through his website.