Saturday, August 15, 2009

Artificial Reality Of Raskoe

There is something raw and different about these painting, as well as the stylized birds and animals repeated in his work which I find interesting. Jeremy Nichols was born in Tokyo, Japan, which had a major influence on his life. As we are bombarded with mass media, Jeremy states, "I attempt to represent what I see as our society's increasing drive towards consumerism and materialism in its quest to achieve fulfillment through this artificial reality presented to us on a daily basis." He continues, "Using vivid colors, abstract organisms, and elements of design, I try to show the near future of environments, space, humans, and animals as well as their psychological and sociological interactions, all in a surreal manner."

Jeremy Nichols currently resides in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Ohio State University in printmaking, but his love for graffiti and skateboarding is the reason he started his art.