Friday, August 21, 2009

Vintage Invaded

I enjoy these fun ironic illustration, a clashing of vintage post cards, superimposed by science fiction. "Invading the Vintage" is a series by Franco Brambilla where he uses existing post cards, portraying the everyday perfect life of tourist attraction and populated with aliens, robots, and UFOs.

Franco is from Milan, who studied art and illustration at the European Institute of Design with an interest in 3D modeling, using Bryce, Studio Max, and Poser. Franco has always been a fan of sci-fi. Growing up in Italy, he was a fan of "Urania, a collection of sci-fi books. He fulfilled his dream in creating two book covers a month for "Urania" and "Urania Colleczione" for over 10 years. He stated to Monzuki, "I think it was 'natural' trying to make a job out of a big passion."

He is also founder to Airstudio, which consists of illustrators and designers, as well as an art gallery called "Limited No Art Gallery."