Monday, August 17, 2009

No Rain But Light

Since I met my friend, who is a lighting director, I have a higher level of appreciation to lighting design. I am enlighten by the amount of time and effort it takes to light a single scene on film, the calculations, gels, filters, focusing, hokum, etc. Lighting is important everywhere we go. Cause without light, what would we see?

When I saw Steven Haulenbeek's Cumulus Light Canopy, I thought to myself, "That is brilliant!" Taking photographer's translucent umbrellas to defuse the light in order to create ambient lighting. According to Steven, "The object is recontextualized to create playful light rather than reference the dark and dreary day." In fact, he turned the umbrellas upside down to create a bright cloud-like form. This effect soften the light but still illuminate the room.

Steven Haulenbeek graduated from the School of Arts Institute of Chicago with a MFA. He is currently working on two public installations, Word of Faith day care center near Augusta, Georgia, and Children's Museum in Florida.

Steven is a designer and an artist, who is known to repurpose objects in order to create something new. He stated, "I am interested in the unconventional solutions to conventional problems." Go to his website to view additional work from Steven Haulenbeek.