Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jezero By Ziga

Growing up in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ziga Koritnik developed a passion for photography, as well as being enchanted by his frequent visits of Lake Bohinj located in Slovenia. It made sense for Ziga to photograph this place of beauty. It took Ziga four years to compile his work and publish his collection in a book called, "Jezero, The Lake"

Ziga was introduced to photography from his father who was an amateur photographer, and he started to dabble in photography when he received his first camera at age 11. He knew at an early age that photography will be a major part of his life. Ziga gave up his full-time job as a cameraman for national television in order to concentrate on his photography.

You could view additional photographs of Jazz Musicians by Ziga through Galerija Fotografija, and "Jezero, The Lake" will be released in September which consists of 176 pages with 140 photographs from Ziga Koritnik.