Monday, August 24, 2009

Free As A Bird

These beautiful renderings caught my eye, acrylic on canvas paintings with a twist or a glitch.  Frank Gonzales studied at the Laguna College of Art and Design.  His roommate was drawing birds one day, and Frank decided to draw some birds as well.  He quoted, "There isn't any real deep explanation other than they really exited the hell out of me."  He got closely involved with his research of birds and their history, and he became connected with the subject.  He continued, "I'm not trying to make any statements about freedom or anything like that, but rather more of a reference to nature and our connection to it.  I have found as of late that I'm able to express more with birds, along with botanical elements, than I could with the single figure."

Frank lives in Queens, New York, where he felt separated with nature, leading to his statement about the marks on his illustrations, "It's just my approach to the subject and is a play on the idea of breaking up an image of nature... also, the mark making is an attempt to create an implied space and movement."  

Frank Gonzales next show will be at the Sirani Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Check out his website and blog.