Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Is The Message?

I enjoy editorial illustration cause it makes you think and study the message.  I'm sure everyone has their own opinion about the message being conveyed but that is what makes us unique.  We draw an opinion from our experiences in life to define and decipher the meaning in what we see and what we like.

Born in Tashkent, the capital Uzbekistan, Dmitriy Ligay grew up learning to draw. In 2003, he attended the Tashkent Architectural Building Institute, majoring in Design of Architectural Space where he finessed his drawing skills. Because of his love for illustration, he focused his talent on drawing.

After working for numerous design firms, he decided to work independently which allows him to work directly with the customer or focus on his personal drawing.  Dmitriy sometimes question the fine line of commercial art and fine art, but he accept the fact that it is a subjective point of view.  Dmitriy stated that he enjoys experimenting with different materials and techniques, but his favorite material is water color.