Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catharsis Through Creativity

Painting is therapy for Robert Steven Connett, who hit rock bottom at a young age with drugs, alcohol, and depression. Upon many years of struggle, he reconnected with painting as an outlet for self expression, as well as a fulfilled dream to become an artist.  He quoted, "Now I create art for catharsis, self fulfillment, personal income and pleasure."  He continues, "If my work makes a statement beyond me, about our society or the human condition, it is because I am a person of this world, and my experiences are a small part of the human condition."

These artwork are painted with acrylic on gessoed wood panel.  Robert Steven Connett is currently living with his wife in Los Angeles.  He has an upcoming group exhibition at the Aqua Art Fair for the Art Basel Miami, December 3 - 6.