Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grey White

It is quite ironic or a coincident with a name, Greg White, a photographer with a style consisting hues of grey and white (not to be confused with Greg and White) or lack of colors. The difficult task with the lack of colors forces the viewer to concentrate on the content rather than being distracted by the beauty of colors. The images on his website are beautiful and grand with the simplicity of shapes, lines, and repetition. Greg mainly shoots commercial and editorial photography, yet maintain his passion with landscapes and architectures. He carefully defined and sustained his brand and style whether shooting on a personal or commercial projects.

He quoted, "I only shoot images I think will make really interesting pictures and fit within the style of my work as it's very easy to get carried away and end up with lots of pictures that become similar to many other photographers. As a result, I don't actually shoot very much and prefer to chose wisely, making visits to a location before committing myself to a picture."

Greg White is based out of London. His personal work are shot on 4x5 camera using film, while his commercial work is shot on a high grade digital capture methods.