Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stories From Maui

A graduate of Art Center College of Design with honors, working in the entertainment field as visual effect consultant, art director, storyboard and concept designer, Edwin Ushiro redirected his available time for his personal creation. He made time to respond to few questions.

Monzuki > What are you trying to say with your work?
Edwin Ushiro > Most of my paintings are inspired by ghost stories I had collected as a child and it's association to my childhood growing up on the island of Maui. I am sharing a personal story.

Monzuki > How did you choose your subjects?
Edwin Ushiro > All the characters in my paintings are portraits of people from my childhood. Friends, family, the neighborhood dog, my cat, they all live in this world just like they did in real life.

Monzuki > What are your process in creating your artwork?
Edwin Ushiro > The process can take many steps depending on what mood I am attempting to achieve. But normally it goes like this: pencil and paper with ink, water color washes and acrylic, it is then scanned and colored in photoshop, transferred onto t-shirt transfer paper, mounted onto frosted vinyl and finally painted on with acrylic to the front and back of the image.

Monzuki would like to thank Edwin Ushiro's time from his busy schedule. Edwin is from Maui, Hawaii but currently living in Culver City, California. His work was recently displayed at the Scion Installation Tour at Miami Art Basel, The Japanese American National Museum and The Museum of Kyoto In Japan. Edwin's upcoming exhibitions in a group show, "Go East" at LeBasse Projects in New York on November 5-8th.